Customer insight

Identify every customer in order to provide the best response

Merging the different social identities of your customers

The various aliases and identities used by your customers make it more complicated for your agents to process their inquiries.

Dimelo Digital aggregates customer data from all of their digital channels, enabling you to merge your customers' many identities into a single customer record. You can then easily find previous conversations with each client and ensure the best customer experience.

Keep track of the history of all customer conversations, regardless of the channel used

Respond to your customer knowing the big picture. Has the customer contacted customer service in the past? Did you address the customer's issue? On which channel? With Dimelo Social, all of these activities are tracked and archived to enable you to provide the best answer on the right channel.

Get to know your customers

In addition to storing all of your conversations, the customer record gives you all the customer information you need: their social profiles, how to contact them, and the history of their exchanges on all channels linked to the console.

Integrate Dimelo in your CRM

For a 360° view, integrate Dimelo into your existing CRM. Dimelo provides your IT team with the web services and necessary plug-ins to perform CRM or CTI integrations.

We also support Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.

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